Artistic Director/ Founder Mahan Art Centre

Elham AhmadiElham Ahmadi is an Australian-Iranian artist and educator who has been working as an artist for over 20 years. Her unique style encompasses both realism, as well as contemporary abstract art. Born in Ahwaz, Iran, Elham moved to Australia in 2011.

She graduated with a fine arts degree from the Sepehr Art University, Isfahan, Iran and has a Bachelor and Master of fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney, Australia. She also studied Design at the New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission (TAFE) Australia.

A highly regarded artist in her home country, Elham has had many group exhibitions and large-scale commissions of her work. Ahmadi is classically trained in Iranian techniques such as Miniature painting and her art making predominately features portraits and landscapes. Her works reference the lives of rustic country folk and are rich in texture and colour. Just as her art is highly regarded, Elham’s skills and experience as an art educator are wide reaching. She founded and directed Mahan Art Centre - a successful art centre in Isfahan where students of all ages and abilities came to study art.

Now residing in Sydney, Australia, Elham has established Mahan Art Centre (Visual Arts and Design) as the first Persian art establishment in Sydney.